WHMCS Gift Card/Certificate Module

Core features...

Intergration with WHMCS ordering system
Gift card orders will added to your WHMCS's order system to make everything easily trackable and managed.
WHMCS Server Provision Module
The module is built upon on the native WHMCS provision module. Allowing you to setup Gift Card as a product with Welcome email release. Create and void Gift cards with ease within the Service tab.
Integration with WHMCS credit system 
During the gift card redemption process, the value of the card will be deposited into the user's account credit under WHMCS.
No template modifications needed
You no longer need to mess with your current template codes to get the modules to show up on your WHMCS install. Our module utilizes module hooks to get the Menus to display seemlessly. 
Multi-currency Support
Gift card sales and redemption will be adjusted to the user's profile selected currency. 
ReCaptcha Support
Ensure all Gift Card orders are not from bots!
Customizable Template
Customize the Gift Card module templates with ease.


Module features...

Selling price vs face value
Entice your customers by offering a lower selling price of your Gift Card to the actual face value.
Voucher Mode (New in Version 2.7)
Sell your service & products as a Voucher code like the big boys (Appsump, StackSocial, etc...)
Cashier Mode (New in Version 2.5)
With Cashier Mode, your customer can buy Gift Cards with the face value of their choice. You can set the discount % off the final Gift Card price as well!
Ultimate Promotion Tool
Attach claim-able Gift Cards to emails sent via WHMCS's Email Marketer or WHMCS's Email System. Show appreciate of your customers! See our email binding guide
Different Expiration Options
Sell gift cards with various expiration dates ranging from 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, 365 days to never expire.
Sub Cards Abilities
With the intoduction of Gift Card Modue version 2, your clients will now have the ability to split their purchased cards into smaller amounts to give to family & friends or resell. 
Restriction Groups (New in Version 2.5)
You can now control which Client Group have the ability to buy and redeem the gift cards. Giving you a greater freedom of marketing and discounts.
Validation Support (new in v2.6)
Force a SMS/Phone validation before a gift card is activated to minimize fraud
Multiple Style for Codes
Mix and match from different code cominbations and code style(numeric, alphanumeric, alpha, etc), gift card prefixes and variable lengths.
One time Code Use
Generate one time use codes that can only redeemed once. Perfect for distributing promotion gift cards!
Mass Code Generation & Import
 Want to create a batch of cards for promotion purpose? We have that for you!
Powerful API System
 Customize to your needs with our API system to perform backend task. See our API documentation
Plus many more...

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